Welcome to the R3 Liberty Ledger

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The one thing that everyone can agree on is that liberty is a must have. Be it freedom of speech, the right to our guns, the right to make our own choices and mistakes and the right to live free. Being accused of breaking the law, with or without conviction, can rob you of liberty in every sense.

So let’s talk about laws and consequences, as they effect our choices and our liberty!

R3 Contingencies was founded on the concept that everyone has the right to liberty even if they are fighting in a court of law to maintain it. We believe very strongly in the idea that people are innocent until proven guilty. If they serve time, they then deserve the right to move forward with their lives, their debt has been paid. It is even better to avoid trouble entirely, to understand how the law works, who it works for and who is works against. This blog will cover that too.

The most powerful tools we have are information, communication and community. Those are the tools that we will be utilizing here. You can find more tools are resources at R3-Kon.com.